What we do

We bake superior quality bake-off pastries for hotels, restaurants and catering, bakeries and retail shops. We use only the finest ingredients as we believe the essence of a good life begins with good food.

About bakeryboys

It all started in 1995 when there were simply no good pastries in the town. The first buns were rolled in the basement of a hotel in Tallinn. After gradually conquering more and more space on the lower floor of the hotel the time of moving out came closer.

Bakeryboys are now situated in Baltika Quarter, the booming high tech and start-up neighbourhood in the centre of the city.

Bakeryboys have been the frontrunner of bringing new pastries to Estonia ever since the founding. We have been active in developing new products with traditional methods and ingredients but with new forms. We use butter and yeast enriched with D-vitamin and we do sourdough fermentation.

Being part of the dynamic environment we have caught the spirit of passion, ambition and innovation. As we believe you are what you eat, it is essentially important for us to bake super quality pastries with no preservatives and excellent ingredients. And the foremost of all is the taste.

We are following systematic preventive approach to food safety known as HACCP and we do hold food safety management certificate ISO 22000. All products are under strict quality control.

We are member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Estonian Food Union, Estonian Bakers Union and Bread Union.


Our products